About Us

Primus Games is an international game publisher based in Vicenza (Italy).

Established in 2018, it sprang from the minds of three friends who are passionate about games (Riccardo, Filippo & Filippo). Our aim is to create, develop and localize board games that are both immersive and fun to play.

As a team we strive to produce games with great care for details: combining elegant and innovative mechanics, simple, well-written rules, and charming illustration and world-building.

We have ongoing partnerships with other companies full of expert people as enthusiastic as we are, with international publishers and with talented artists and game designers.

Our mission statement consists of two fundamental principles:
– we want to engage with expert gamers as well as families and new enthusiasts who are looking for smart and refined entertainment.
– we want to offer our customers, whether veterans or beginners, compelling games, with sophisticated strategy and great replayability.

With a bit of insight, everyone can find the game the most appropriate for themselves: our task is to offer you the widest choice!

Welcome to Primus Games!

Filippo Brigo
Sales & Marketing

Riccardo Zulian
Founder & CEO

Filippo Riva
Head Game Developer